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is a world class insurance organization, providing an innovative and creative alternative to today’s conventional industry standards. Our core values include our focus on integrity, innovation and industry.


We make sure your company receives the best coverage available. With risk being an inevitable part of everyday operations, our clients can count on Tagrisk to put ethics and integrity first.


We deliver innovative and industry-focused programs which allow us to provide an exceptional level of customer service.


Our leadership team has over fifty years’ experience providing insurance solutions to nightlife hospitality venues. The exclusive relationships our team has formed allows Tagrisk to provide broad based carrier access with programs designed specifically for the unique needs of our clients.


Our experience specializing in the restaurant, bar and nightclub industries provide a unique perspective to your market. We understand 100% of your risks and design insurance solutions that eliminate coverage gaps, and protect you with top hospitality insurance carriers. Tagrisk Insurance Services provides an exceptional level of customer service, and premium financing 5-10% less than the industry standard.