Want to Get Ahead in the Restaurant Industry? Check out these 7 Interesting Consumer Trends.

We are 6 days into October and Fall has finally hit us. Seasons come and go much like fads and trends, but wouldn’t it be nice to know when the next trends will begin, like we do seasons? Technomic, a Chicago-based consulting and research firm monitors, predicts, and provides monthly reports on new eating trends in the food service industry. These reports can be used to enhance the marketing strategy for different restaurant chains.

If you’re looking to spice things up in your restaurant and attract a larger audience, then check out these 7 consumer trends and insights:

1) “31% of consumers, down from 36% in 2014, tend to eat a lighter lunch during the week than on the weekend.”
2) “32% of consumers strongly agree that their beverage preferences tend to change with the season.”
3) “22% of Millennials say they usually post pictures of food on social media when visiting restaurants.”
4) “33% of consumers strongly agree that health is very important in their decision of which restaurant to visit.”
5) “44% tend to eat more healthful items during the week, compared to 17% who do so during the weekend.”
6) “27% of women would like restaurants to offer smaller portion sizes for indulgent beverages.”
7) “41% of consumers are likely to substitute healthier sides at restaurants if they are available.”

These statistics were found through nationally represented surveys presented by Technomic’s consumer research team. For more information on the latest consumer trends check out Technomic’s website.
Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.

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