These 4 Flavors are Picking Up Speed

Technomic’s MenuMonitor data has a list of the fastest-growing flavors on menus that it updates throughout the year. These flavors are a must have on your menu and have proven success across a variety of different menus. These trendy flavors come from a vegetable, a floral, and 2 fruit. The 4 flavors that are seeing outstanding growth are the following:

  1. Dark Cherry is seeing the most rapid growth among menu flavors within the last year. Some places you will see dark cherry flavoring are:
    1. Red Wine (Merlots and Pinot Noirs)
    2. Vinaigrette
    3. Carbonated Drinks
    4. Breakfast Dishes
    5. Paired with Meat
  2. Prickly Pear or, as some call, the cactus pear has a mixture of sweet and bland flavor. Blaze Pizza offers a unique twist to a notable Latin beverage known as Prickly Pear Agua Fresca. This fruit has opportunities in the following kinds of drinks:
    1. Cocktails
    2. Margaritas
  3. Bitter Greens are the third fastest growing flavor and are great for their versatility. These greens are flavorful, inexpensive, and normally marketed for their health benefits. Some examples of bitter greens and where they can be found are:
    1. Kale
    2. Dandelion
    3. Collard
    4. Broccoli Rabe
    5. Chard
    6. On top of Sandwiches
    7. Side to Entrees
  4. Hibiscus is the last flavor to round out the list. Hibiscus, like the cactus pear, is used mostly in beverages (unlike the cactus pear, hibiscus is used in non-alcoholic beverages more often).
    1. Bahama Breeze uses hibiscus in its High Tide Swizzle
    2. Growth potential in dessert

Information for this post was pulled form an article found here.

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