Some Hopeful Restaurant Resolutions for the New Year

Information for this post was pulled from “RESOLUTIONS WE WISH RESTAURANTS WOULD MAKE” written by Restaurant Business Staff , which can be accessed directly by clicking here.

Happy New Year! The Restaurant Business Online content team worked year round in 2016 and has come up with some interesting requests for restaurants in 2017. Restaurant owners/employees please take notes as these requests can eventually lead to an increase in your business’s revenue.

  1. Rainbow-Colored Food has got to go.
    1. One rainbow colored bagel on Instagram began a trend that has now become played out. With it being a new, consumers may be looking for more focus on all natural colors.
  2. It’s obvious that a small percentage of the population is Gluten-Free.
    1. Still their needs need to be catered to, but this should not be apart of a 2017 marketing strategy. The industry is over-saturated with messages that simply appeal to a few, that consumers now pick up on as purely meaningless. Now, if a new menu item is coming out with a special healthy ingredient, then that would be a good time to market the matching terminology.
    1. This one is huge. First off splitting the check is a challenge still to this day. Servers view this as challenging and customers view this as a hassle at times. Another issue with credit cards is when the consumer is ready to go, they must wait for their server to come back, then leave to get their check, come back to drop off the check, leave to the customers time to review the check, and then come back twice more to pick up the check and return their copy of the receipt. The process is very tedious, inconvenient, and sometimes frustrating. Restaurants should look into making both processes for everyone.
  4. Appetizers for everyone.
    1. When you have a party of people eating together and order appetizers to share, it would be nice to get enough so that everyone has at least 1. Maybe adding a table appetizers size along with the regular appetizers size, will alleviate this problem. If this isn’t possible then maybe charging a little extra for an extra appetizer can be an option. If your restaurant only offers 3 taco appetizers, but the consumer has a party of 4 then charging an extra $1 or so for an extra taco could be an option.
  5. Restaurant Design
    1. Consumers come in all different sizes. Restaurants in 2017 should be able to accommodate all consumers regardless of size. High top seating is not always the most convenient for shorter consumers or consumers with strollers. The seating alone can affect the restaurant experience. Hard seats or skinny seats are uncomfortable for most people and especially for people who are on that heavier side.
  6. Overall the Little Things
    1. In 2017, restaurants should also keep mind of the little things because that’s what the consumers pay attention to and sometimes it’s the reason they come back. From cleanliness to great-smelling soaps.

5 Unique Restaurant Ideas

Information for this post was pulled from “5 IDEAS WE STUMBLED UPON IN AN UNDERGROUND FOOD HALL” written by Patricia Cobe, which can be accessed directly by clicking here.

Restaurant owners should always look to innovate to capture to biggest chunk of their designated target market. Below are 5 different ideas to help separate your restaurant from the competition. These ideas are based on innovative approaches taken by New York’s TurnStyle Restaurant.

  1. Make your restaurant social media friendly.
    1. Social media is filled with pictures, recipes, and videos of food. When customers receive a visually appealing entree or are just excited to be eating out, they want to be able to share their excitement with their friends/followers.  This is great from a marketing stand point for your restaurant, but it would be even better if you encouraged your customers to use certain hashtags or take a picture at a certain angle. Adding social media friendly elements to your restaurant may generate more traffic in the long haul.
  2. Seating Options
    1. Provide different seating options for establishment. Most restaurants offer tables and booths, but don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Places like Starbucks and Panera Bread offer seating (and free WiFi) in a way that encourages customers to sit for long periods. This helps build customer loyalty and provides them with a go-to spot to sit comfortably and get work done.
  3. Packaging Matters
    1. How do you box food for your customers when they don’t finish their meal? How do you package your carry out menu items? If you’re still packaging your food in all black or non branded cardboard containers then you may still be living in the past. Placing your company name and/or restaurant locations on these boxes/containers can benefit you in the long run. The box may be recognizable to previous customers (which can encourage them to come back) and the consumers who have never eaten at your establishment will see this packaging and possibly stir interest.
  4. Games 
    1. Photo Booths, Touch Screen games, and more. If your sit down restaurant has some downtime before the food reaches the table, investing in entertainment while your customers wait will take their mind off the wait time. Get creative and have your customer’s fully engaged with the restaurant even while they’re waiting for their delicious food.
  5. How-to Guide
    1. This may not apply to all restaurants but it will definitely apply to some. If your restaurant provides uncommon food, then you may want to include a brief how-to guide for proper food etiquette. If the food is particular to a specific culture then customers of that culture may not need it, but if you want to expand past that target market then you should help alleviate any learning curves. People fear what they don’t know or don’t understand, but if you are able to show them how easy something is, they’re normally willing to give it a try.