We’re All More Alike Than We Think With These Global Restaurant Trends

Technomic has spotlighted four specific trends at the Global Restaurant Leader Conference which started yesterday and ends tomorrow.

-Six out of  the last ten meals purchased by typical consumers in Asia were described as “healthy” by buyers. The typical American Diner considers under 5  out of their last ten meals to be healthy. These are not the only 2 regions where healthy eating is becoming a natural choice. Technomic learned that 41% of humans everywhere have cut back on drinks and desserts, and 39% of humans are ordering fewer appetizers.

-Americans are not the only consumers that customize their meals at restaurants. Globally, one out of three restaurant meals are customized to fit the needs of the consumer. The numbers slightly vary across the globe with the customization of 33% North American and Asia meals, 38% of South American meals, and 37% of Middle Eastern meals.

-Almost half of restaurant meals around the world are eaten away from the actual physical establishment. Australia’s take out meals is very high at 41% and the leader in delivery is the Middle East at 30%.

-Transparency has always been an interesting topic in the restaurant business. Technomic asked consumers around the world about transparency in the ingredients used in restaurants and there were similar replies from region to region. The individuals that said yes to more transparency in restaurant ingredients ranged from 68% to 75% (North America at 68% and South America at 75%).

This information should be a wake-up call for restaurant owners/managers. The world is ever changing and so are consumer demands.

These statistics were found through nationally represented surveys presented by Technomic’s consumer research team. For more information on the latest consumer trends check out Technomic’s website.
Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.


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