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Six Beverage Ideas To Borrow From Top Global Chains

Global Chains have the opportunity to test their beverages around the world, gathering opinions from different preferences. Starbucks is known for using beverages that garner international success and adding them to their American menus. Below are 6 beverage ideas to borrow from some global chains. KFC’s Yuzu Tea Sparkler Replacing Lemons with Yuzu gives this […]

Bring In More Business with Pay-Per-View Events!

G&G Closed Circuit, LLC is the exclusive PPV event distributor in the United States and has shared their process and event checklist for any venue that wants to host PPV events. Follow these steps to profit from PPV events. Call G&G and speak to a sales staff member who will ask for your occupancy, contact […]

We’re All More Alike Than We Think With These Global Restaurant Trends

Technomic has spotlighted four specific trends at the Global Restaurant Leader Conference which started yesterday and ends tomorrow. -Six out of  the last ten meals purchased by typical consumers in Asia were described as “healthy” by buyers. The typical American Diner considers under 5  out of their last ten meals to be healthy. These are not the […]