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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Tagrisk Insurance Services

We will be closed Thursday for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Make Work More Enjoyable For Your Employees With These Ideas

Every now and again, every company needs to spice things up with their staff. Unless the work dynamically changes everyday, then maybe it’s time to give one of these ideas a try. Shoutout Board – Employees can write notes here about co-workers and their internal work OR their work with customers. Your company can have […]

Employees in These States Will See a Higher Minimum Wage


After Election Day was over (last Tuesday) and the votes were counted, 4 states have voted to raise their minimum wage. Those four states are Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington. The minimum wage will increase to the following for each of these 4 states: Arizona – $12 Colorado – $12 Maine – $12 Washington – […]