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Prevent Cross-Contamination in Your Restaurant

tagrisk insurance services - restaurant safety washing hands to prevent cross-contamination

Prevent Cross-Contamination in Your Restaurant Cross-Contamination from unsanitary practices or food mishandling can be detrimental to your restaurant. Cross-Contamination can lead to foodborne illnesses which can cause bigger issues for your business. “Foodborne illnesses affect as many as 76 million Americans each year. It is claimed that about 58% of the instances of foodborne illness […]

Restaurant Safety

Tagrisk Restaurant Safety - Restaurant, Food, Salmon on a Dinner Dish with Glasses

Restaurant Safety Restaurant safety is essential in the restaurant industry. It is equally important to the employers, employees, and customers alike. There are many potential hazards in the restaurant industry which is why Tagrisk Insurance Services offers a complete suite of hospitality insurance programs to protect restaurant owners and their businesses. Cross Contamination Proper food […]

Why Tagrisk?

Why Tagrisk? Tagrisk Insurance Services is a world class insurance organization, providing an innovative and creative alternative to today’s conventional industry standards. We lead the industry by sticking to our core values of industry, innovation and integrity. What we have done for the hospitality industry has been nothing short of amazing. We understand 100% of […]