Prevent Cuts and Lacerations in the Restaurant Industry

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Prevent Cuts and Lacerations in the Restaurant Industry

Knives, plates, machines and glassware are essential tools found in restaurants. They are extremely useful, but if mishandled they can be detrimental to your business. Restaurant safety is important and your staff should be trained on how to properly handle sharp and fragile equipment to avoid injuries. Below are tips on how to prevent cuts/lacerations from sharp objects found throughout the restaurant industry.

Knife Safety

  • Keep knives sharpened and let other staff know when knives are newly sharpened.
  • Use the appropriate size knife for the job.
  • Always use a cutting board. They prevent objects from slipping while being cut which could lead to injury.
  • Keep knives out of dish tubs/sinks
  • Carry knives with the point down and the cutting edge away from your body.
  • Store knives properly in racks or knife sheaths close to areas where they are used.
  • Clean knives immediately after use.
  • At all times, be in control of your knife blade, your body, and the food you are cutting.
  • Never attempt to catch a falling knife, allow it to fall
  • Employees should wear cutting gloves if available[1]

Machine Safety

  • Make sure all machine guards are installed and in place
  • Maintain machinery to reduce chance of accidents
  • Never operate any machine unless you are trained in its use
  • Never wear jewelry or loose clothing that could potentially stuck in a machine
  • Unplug machines when not in use
  • ALWAYS tell management immediately if machine guards are missing, broken, or not working properly.[2]

Glassware Safety

  • Avoid thermal shock by making sure to not rapidly change the temperature of the glass (such as placing ice/cold water into a warm glass)
  • Avoid mechanical shock by avoiding glass contact with another hard object.
  • Never Stack Glassware
  • Never Carry Glasses close enough where they are rubbing against one another.
  • Only use glassware for serving desserts and drinks. Do not use glassware to store other items or to scoop ice as this could damage the glassware and cause it to break.
  • Never serve beverages in cracked or chipped glassware.
  • Always dump ice out of glassware before sorting into bus trays[3]

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