Bring In More Revenue For Halloween

It’s the beginning of holiday season and customers are looking for different ways and places to celebrate. Below are ways to earn more revenue for ticketed and non ticketed parties.

Ticketed Parties:

  1. Pre-sale Ticketing Strategy
    1. Sell tickets through your online website, Facebook, and/or your mobile application.
  2. At Door Prices
    1. Show that the price will increase the night of the event and have the ability to sell tickets at the door. It’s possible to set price increases in hour increments (10pm -$2, 11pm – $3, etc.). As demand increases, so can your prices.
  3. Smooth Operations
    1. Keep your staff up to speed about how to run the operation for efficient door operations, security, and tracking.
  4. Lines Matter
    1. Most venues have everyone come through one line which stresses staff, and increases wait time. Maybe separate lines into customers who are paying at the door and those who purchased the prior to the event. Line organization is key.
  5. Analyze Results and Improve
    1. Gathering Data for your party is huge. You will be able to see where you did well and where you didn’t, so that you will be able to capitalize on the opportunity next time.

Non-Ticketed Parties:

  1. List System
    1. Guest lists and table reservations are a great way to get an estimate body count for your non-ticketed party. Find a system that integrated with your website or social media, so you can pull information from anywhere at ease (including at the door).
  2. Promote
    1. Get creative in thinking of how to bring people to your business without discounting your drinks. Try costume contests, live music, and games. Then promote it on social media and on your website to garner the biggest and most receptive audience.
  3. Personalize
    1. Up sell and greet those in line. You want to personalize your party in a way that’ll bring your customers back another time. This is the beginning of the holiday season, so make this the first of many parties.


Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.


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