Bring In More Business with Pay-Per-View Events!

G&G Closed Circuit, LLC is the exclusive PPV event distributor in the United States and has shared their process and event checklist for any venue that wants to host PPV events. Follow these steps to profit from PPV events.

  1. Call G&G and speak to a sales staff member who will ask for your occupancy, contact information, address, and more basic information. You will then be provided a contract and quote.
  2. Once you receive the contract, then you will fill it out and send it back to G&G. Once G&G receives the contract and payment, then they will send back marketing material such as posters, table cards, shirts, and more.
  3. G&G has a “See It Live” section on their website where they show a list of venues where the PPV event will be aired (this provides extra marketing for your business).
  4. Market, Market, and then Market. You will be provided marketing material but feel free to create your own. Post information about the PPV event on your company website, utilize all your social media mediums, and event use print media.
  5. As the event gets closer, confirm everything with G&G , market away, and enjoy!

For more information on hosting PPV events for your venue, click here.
Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.


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