Add This to Your Appetizer Menu


It’s rare to find people that are not fond of these fried potatoes and restaurant owners/managers can take advantage of this. Technomic noted, on it’s MenuMonitor, that fries have seen a growth of 1.5% (more people are ordering fries when they are available).
Below are 3 common types of fries to add to your appetizer menu (or late night menu):

  1. Sweet Potato Fries
    1. These fries have seen more growth within the last year than most other appetizers. Penetration seems to be the greatest at casual dining operators. Adding a unique sauce to dip these fries in could separate you from your competitors.
  2. Loaded Fries
    1. These fries have seen the most attention out west (10% growth). Alcoholic sauce combinations (great for late night menu) do well with loaded fries.
  3. Chili Fries (and Chili-Cheese Fries)
    1. Classic fries as such give customers a familiar nostalgic feeling. Relish Burger Bistro and Style Pizza & Deli are a few restaurants that are offering a spin on this traditional appetizer.

Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.

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