Happy Thanksgiving from Tagrisk Insurance Services

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed Thursday for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Make Work More Enjoyable For Your Employees With These Ideas

Every now and again, every company needs to spice things up with their staff. Unless the work dynamically changes everyday, then maybe it’s time to give one of these ideas a try.

  1. Shoutout Board – Employees can write notes here about co-workers and their internal work OR their work with customers. Your company can have these set up across the company and give gifts to those with the most “shoutouts.”
  2. Email System – Customizing subject lines with key words to tell the content of the email saves time. The University of California San Diego Healthy System’s staff stars off every email with either action, information, or response. This helps prioritize emails.
  3. Tailored Benefits – Who doesn’t like unconventional or unique benefits?
  4. On-the-road Stages – Some companies, like Bar Marco, take their employees on educational trips in hopes of taking something away from the experience and applying them back at work.
  5. Pop of Red – New uniforms (if they’re mandatory). Give your employees some variety in styles and colors of shirts. Maybe Fridays can be jeans day, you decide!

Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.

Employees in These States Will See a Higher Minimum Wage


After Election Day was over (last Tuesday) and the votes were counted, 4 states have voted to raise their minimum wage. Those four states are Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington.

The minimum wage will increase to the following for each of these 4 states:

  • Arizona – $12
  • Colorado – $12
  • Maine – $12
  • Washington – $13.50 (by 2020)

There will be mandated paid time leave from employers in Arizona and Washington. As long as restaurants in Arizona maintain a staff over 15 employees, then they must provide 40 hours of sick time per employee per year. If restaurants have less than, 15 employees then employees will still receive 24 hours of sick time. One hour of paid leave for every 40 hours of work is provided in Washington.

Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.

Election Day 2016

Election Day

Today is Election Day and our time to cast our ballots.

Please go out and utilize your constitutional right to vote today!

Constellation Brands Purchases Award-Winning Name

Constellation Brands, Inc. announced an agreement to purchase High West Distillery (Utah Based Company). Constellation Brands is a leading beverage alcohol company that is set to acquire all of High West Distillery’s operations and award winning American whiskeys. High West has seen double-digit volume growth for the past 3 years and now Constellation Brands joins the highly profitable craft whiskey segment. This deal is expected to close by the beginning of next week.

More information on Constellation Brands’ new acquisition and this story can be found here.


Bring In More Business with Pay-Per-View Events!

G&G Closed Circuit, LLC is the exclusive PPV event distributor in the United States and has shared their process and event checklist for any venue that wants to host PPV events. Follow these steps to profit from PPV events.

  1. Call G&G and speak to a sales staff member who will ask for your occupancy, contact information, address, and more basic information. You will then be provided a contract and quote.
  2. Once you receive the contract, then you will fill it out and send it back to G&G. Once G&G receives the contract and payment, then they will send back marketing material such as posters, table cards, shirts, and more.
  3. G&G has a “See It Live” section on their website where they show a list of venues where the PPV event will be aired (this provides extra marketing for your business).
  4. Market, Market, and then Market. You will be provided marketing material but feel free to create your own. Post information about the PPV event on your company website, utilize all your social media mediums, and event use print media.
  5. As the event gets closer, confirm everything with G&G , market away, and enjoy!

For more information on hosting PPV events for your venue, click here.
Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.


Who Knew Beer and Ice Cream Could Battle Climate Change?

Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing have partnered up once more with Protect Our Winters (POW) to battle climate change. This partnership comes soon after the 2 B-Corp companies collaborated on their new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale, which is set to release the end of October. The 3 social conscience organizations have banded together creating a campaign called “100 Days to Change Our Ways” in an effort to have the new Administration prioritize climate change in its first 100 days. Events will be held across the country in 12 different cities consisting of athletes discussing the negative impacts of climate change, letter writing stations, raffles, and notably ice cream and beer.

With the presidential election around the corner, this campaign aims to have more impact than ever. An action plan outlining recommendations for how to handle climate change will be delivered to the new Administration following the New Year. Also, a portion of the proceeds from Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing’s collaboration will go to directly to POW. Protect Our Winters received close to $100,000 from last year’s epic collaboration between the 2 B-Corp companies and looks to exceed that amount this year. For more information on POW and how you can help support their cause, visit their website here.

Information for this post was pulled from an article found here.