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We’re All More Alike Than We Think With These Global Restaurant Trends

Technomic has spotlighted four specific trends at the Global Restaurant Leader Conference which started yesterday and ends tomorrow. -Six out of  the last ten meals purchased by typical consumers in Asia were described as “healthy” by buyers. The typical American Diner considers under 5  out of their last ten meals to be healthy. These are not the […]

Want to Get Ahead in the Restaurant Industry? Check out these 7 Interesting Consumer Trends.

We are 6 days into October and Fall has finally hit us. Seasons come and go much like fads and trends, but wouldn’t it be nice to know when the next trends will begin, like we do seasons? Technomic, a Chicago-based consulting and research firm monitors, predicts, and provides monthly reports on new eating trends in the food […]

Who Knew Beer and Ice Cream Could Battle Climate Change?

Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing have partnered up once more with Protect Our Winters (POW) to battle climate change. This partnership comes soon after the 2 B-Corp companies collaborated on their new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale, which is set to release the end of October. The 3 social conscience organizations have banded together creating a […]