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Why Tagrisk?

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Why Tagrisk? Tagrisk Insurance Services is a world class insurance organization, providing an innovative and creative alternative to today’s conventional industry standards. We lead the industry by sticking to our core values of industry, innovation and integrity. What we have done for the hospitality industry has been nothing short of amazing. We understand 100% of […]

Some Hopeful Restaurant Resolutions for the New Year

Information for this post was pulled from “RESOLUTIONS WE WISH RESTAURANTS WOULD MAKE” written by Restaurant Business Staff , which can be accessed directly by clicking here. Happy New Year! The Restaurant Business Online content team worked year round in 2016 and has come up with some interesting requests for restaurants in 2017. Restaurant owners/employees […]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and a New Year 2017 from Tagrisk Insurance Services

We at Tagrisk hope you had a great weekend and we wish everyone a Happy New Year! Happy Holidays!